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5 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

5 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

The holidays are here again and it’s the perfect time to start brainstorming on gift ideas for friends and loved ones, from experience I know how finding the perfect gift can be a mountain hill task, but most people tend to forget that pets are a crucial part of most people life and finding a pet related gift can be touching and extremely loved by the receiver, if you keep a holiday gift list there’s bound to be couple of people that own pets they adore, so why not give out a unique gift that your colleague, friend or loved one will equally adore, here’s a list of 5 great pet related gift ideas to get you started:

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1. Fine Art Animal Prints

Every dog, horse or cat is unique in his own way and they come in different shapes and sizes, but each has a “character” that is loved by your recipient, a gift that easily captures this love is fine art animal prints of his or her breed an example would be works by Lorena Pugn – “princess” which depicts the joy a toy poodle exhibit when it lays in his owners stack of pillows. also “Angel Face” depicts a pug feeling clever after snatching some grapes off of a dining room table.

These paintings are very limited and tagged numerically to match a numbered dog tag in the print and are bound to be treasured by your gift recipients

2. Crystal Animal Statues

Whats beautiful about crystael animal statue is the fact that its hand made and can be crafted into various forms, so it doesn’t matter if thr recipient of the guft has a dog, a cat, or aa horse that he or she loves a crystal staue of that animal doing what it loves is sure to make the heart melt These crystals can come in the form of a specific dog breed playing with bones or a horse running free, from a turtle to a frog; from a horse to a mouse; and from a duck to a dove. The statues are beautiful yet whimsical

3. Stone Animal Statues

So the crystal animal statues are for indoors, then stone animal statues are for out doors and accomplish the same feet just more durable and equally beautiful, animal garden statues are perfect gifts for both out door and even on the office table  While some statues – like a sleeping spaniel puppy or an eager dachshund – make you feel warm inside, others – like a cat holding a pair of binoculars up to his eyes, ever watchful for a bird – make you chuckle. Stone animal statues are available for virtually any type of pet, and are certain to be cherished.

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4. Pet Posters

As kids most of us had posters of our favorite artistes and superstars, but now we all grown up and a pet poster is the cutest gift you can give to a pet love, as these poster can depict all the funny reasons why we love our pets and all the cute things they do, (remember the cat in “Hang in There”?),   an animal poster will definitely bring a smile to your recipient face and fuzzy warm feeling in the heart

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5. Entertainment

Nothing beats a dog movie for a dog lover or a cat movie for a cat lover , these entertainments can be in form of music, DVD, there is actually a music company that can produce  music for animals, these they can play at work or on an errand so they have a piece of their pet with them at all times

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It’s extremely thoughtful and personal to give gif that’s pet related to a pet lover, shows how much you understand the love your friend has for his or her pet, pet lovers will appreciate your gesture be it animal fine art, animal print, or animal statues and its not a gift that will easily find its way into the bin after a while

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