Heres my review of the whistle 3 GPS tracker

If you’ve ever lost  your pet the pain felt is deep enough to cause depression, and I’m  speaking  from experience, Or you get nervous like I do when my dog is with a hired pet walker and I want that additional safety of knowing where your pet is at every moment also confirming that the pet walker is actually taking my dog on enough walk, makes the whistle 3 GPS tracker a life (pet) saver.

that’s why when I came in contact with the whistle 3 pet GPS tracker, I instantly fel in love and got one

I’ve been using this tracker for over  6 months now so i’ll break down my experience with the whistle 3

The whistle 3 is probably the smallest pet tracker available embed with motion sensing that is worn on your dog’s collar, its hassle free little experience needed to install and operate, relatively affordable.

KEY Features of the Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker

  • App for smartphone both android and IOS
  • Pet activity and motion tracker
  • Smart use of GPS and Cellular technology
  • Multiple safe zones can be created
  • 24- hour review of pets activity
  • Real time notifications as well as alerts
  • IP67 rating for dirt, water and shock – very durable

Product Overview

The whistle 3 GPS pet tracker and activity monitor is a rugged  device With an IP67 rating for shock or dirt and water resistance is designed to be worn on your pets collar, it charges really fast,  it comes with a Smartphone app for both andriod and ios d4evices for on the go monitoring of your pet movement and location, with interactive graphs for easy understanding

Out of the box the device comes with a battery, GPS receiver, Bluetooth,wifi and 3G antenna

With a patented GPS pet tracking module inside the case that combines with AT&T cellular network meaning your pet is covered pretty much where ever it goes, should your pet be in a location out of this cellular coverage then the GPS can be used to locate your pet,

This smart combination of GPS and cellular coverage gives a pinpoint accuracy of your pet location that will make the military jealous

For the period of use the tracker never fell off from my dog collar, even while playing and running around, its surpising locking mechanism – of just turning the charger and collar bracket in a 90-degree twist , then pressing a spring activated button to release it

The charging staus is indicated by a genle orange light and when fully charged it shines green you also get notification on your smartphone if you have the app installed .

The battery capacity was quite impressive as I ended up having to charge up my unit after every 5-6 days including long walks by the pet trainer everyday .

But if your pet stays put at home, connected to the home wifi, the battery will last you a week before a recharge is needed this beats the completion (the Link AKC doesn’t even last half that long).

The whistle 3 combats the issue of false notification by letting you setup certain safe zones like your home and when your pet is our of this save zone you get notified if its current location this is achieved with the use of your home wifi range as the virtual fence

Setting up the App

Seting up the whistle 3 requires that you download the free mobile app for both ios and andriod devices, to get started your phone and the whistle 3 must be within bluetooth and wifi range as the tracker gets connected to the wifi through your phone which is connected to the tracker with Bluetooth

Here’s a few things you can do with the app:

Once that is completed next the app creates a safe zone using your home wifi range, this acts a power saving feature as well because I noticed that as long as my dog says within my Wi-Fi range the GPS of the whistle 3 is turned off  

“Sleep zone” vs “Locations”

As stated above the sleep zone is defined by your home wifi range,as long as the device remains in this zone it’s in sleep mode also known as power saving mode, should the device leave the wifi range it “wakes up” I.e. uses more battery but does not send push notification to your smartphone unless it leaves certain locations  which is explained below

Secondly , inside the app you’re required to select location, this is done by selecting circular locations on google map  these circular positions are known as “locations” now should your device leave or enter any of this location you get a notification sent to your smartphone, this circular positions can be quite large, much more larger than your wifi range meaning if your dog sstrays out of your wifi range but stays within  these locations you don’t get a notification

How it communicates

The device does all its communication using 3G cellular network with can be good or bad depending on your situation so a subscription would be needed for this service, I signed up for the 1 year plan for $7.95 per month and paid with a credit card – painless., there’s a 2-0year plan for $6.95 per month, But on the good side you can cancel within 90 days if you’re not satisfied.

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Getting notifications

As stated above you would need your smartphone to receive notifications, amazingly there’s an sms feature that let’s you receive notification from  a different device, which is important if you got a spouse or family members also the sms phones does not need to have the app installed- which was good for me, email notifications are available as well.

Activity tracking

Next would be to create a profile for you and the tracker, multiple profiles can be created

The app measures and estimates the amount of calories that’s burnt by your dog base on it metabolic rate and weight, distances travelled, badges are awarded to your dog for completing activity goals  

Q and A by Customers


Overall a fantastic product and No worries if you’re not using AT&T, as the tracker communicates directly with AT&T cellular towers, and the subscription it tied to your current AT&T subscription as whistle 3 is partnered with the cellular service provider

Was nice receiving my dog s activity report at the end of the week, letting me know that I’m not wasting money of dog walkers

Pros of The Whistle 3 GPS Tracker

  1. The whistle 3 is more affordable ($80) than its nearest competitor, the Link by ARC, its also
  2. Smartphone app for easy monitoring and notification
  3. Ability to setup safe zones
  4. Ability to receive real time noticfication on your pets whereabouts via sms, email and app
  5. Combination of cellular and GPS technology for location accuracy
  6. Super fast battery charge
  7. Long lasting battery

Cons of The Whistle 3 GPS Tracker

  1. The need for montly suscribtion
  2. Cellular service and location tracking is US –based
  3. Locked with AT&T network



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