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The Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

The Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

The Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

Flea treatment for dogs come in various categories, for this purpose we reviewed over  60 different products that cut across these broad categories and we have come up with 6 products that top  each  category

For a treatment to be considered as the best flea treatment it must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be safe for other pets in the house e.g. cats, rodents, etc
  • It must be safe for kids in the house
  • It must be effective and easy to apply
  • Must eradicate as well as prevent future flea infestation
  • It Kills both fleas and tick

Effective flea treatment contains pesticides which is how the fleas are killed, all pesticides used for flea treatments are approved by the EPA, some are still  dangerous to human if not used properly, since it’s better to be safe than sorry, we consulted the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)  Humane Society, the Environmental Protection Agency,  the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. sand the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) for pesticides to avoid  and a list of this harmful pesticides are listed below

  1.  Tetrachlorvinphos: from our research, while consulting the EPA and Humane Society, we discovered that overexposure to this insecticide may cause  dizziness, confusion, and nausea
  2. Pyrethroids: also the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registration, which is  a branch of the CDC says that people who come in contact with Pyrethroids may experience numbness, itching, burning sensation,
  3. Pyrethroids: this insecticide is not harmful to dogs or humans but if you’ve got a cat in the house you don’t want this any were near your cats
  4. If it  ends in “-thin” stay away , ingredients such as (permethrin, deltamethrin, flumethrin, etc,) a

To achieve this, we consulted vets, researched each ingredient for the products to know if they met the pesticide institute for safety, and examined some of the products in  nearby pounds having flea infestation to know the real world usability, as a result we discovered each this  top six flea treatments, and among these six you’re sure to find on that is right for your needs or pets

For effectiveness and ease of use, there are two types of flea treatment that beats all others and these are

  1. Spot- ons
  2. Oral medication

Spot-ons: are concentrated treatments that’s applied on your dog’s neck and within 24 hours this treatment dissipates into your dogs skin causing every flea to die after each bite, this lasts for about a month

Oral medication: are flea treatments that that use insecticides that is transferred into the dogs blood stream orals , transferring the insecticide to the flea as they bite

Every of our recommended choice works to eradicate fleas and prevent future flea infestation, they all use a two way mixture of insecticide and Insect growth regulators (IGR), the insecticide kills current fleas, while the Insect growth regulator prevents future fleas by destroying part of the flea or tick life cycle  

 And as a bonus all our top selections are kills ticks as well, our thinking here is if you can kill two bugs with one stone why not?

We would be categorizing all our picks on the following areas

  • Best Preventive flea treatment for dogs
  • Best monthly flea treatment with rapid relief
  • Best cheap monthly flea treatment
  • Fastest flea treatment for dogs
  • Best chewable flea treatment with rapid relief
  • Best fast acting flea treatment in pill form

The Best Preventive Flea Treatment for Dogs

We’ve selected three treatment here and they are all spot on treatment containing insect growth regulators IGR, thereby kill existing fleas as well as future ones

These treatments come in small packets and are in liquid form, they are  applied on the back of your dogs neck because this is an area the dog won’t be able to lick of the treatment, all our selections contain fipronil  and methoprene as active ingredients, fipronil helps to eradicate present fleas while methoprene prevents future fleas this is an effective combinations as this have been proven to kill a hundred percent of the fleas within a week

These treatments are best suited for dogs that are frequently exposed to fleas and ticks and need proactive prevention and protection as well as relief from current infestations

Best Preventive flea treatment for dogs

Our selection here is for dogs that need monthly flea prevention some do come with instant relief while others are there time, but they all offer protection from fleas for a period of one month, our favorite is  Frontline Plus as it comes with instant relief as it take just four hours to completely eradicate all the fleas on your pet

The Best Monthly Treatment With Instant Relief

Frontline Plus

Frontline plus Review

Frontline plus kills existing fleas, ticks and lice while protecting against future flea, tick or lice  infestation it  ease of administration is better than any other product we tested , though it’s a bit more pricey than the rest


  • Instant relief form fleas on pets
  • Easy to apply


  • A bit pricey
  • Smells

Frontline Plus states on its  packaging that within  4 hours it starts to kill fleas and completely eradicates fleas within 12 hours , like wise  in our review we found this to be correct as it started killing the fleas within the stipulated four hours, and it did kill all the fleas after 8 hours  which makes frontline plus  the fastest preventive flea treatment

Other competitors are PetArmor and Sentry though  they took about 10 hours to start killing the fleas though they all contain the same active ingredient, frontline plus just does the killing faster

Frontline Plus is your best bet if you want instant relief from fleas on your pets and you also want a monthly solution

Here’s a breakdown of our test of frontline Plus

Our testing of frontline Plus in a nearby dog pound confirmed its status as our favourite monthly flea treatment because it uses a superior and more effective applicator than PetArmor and Sentry, to begin the application you simply peel off the protective seal, then gently snap off the tip, whereas with PetArmor and Sentry we had to cut open the medication leading to spillage on our hands (lucky us we wore gloves) and we advise you do the same (gloves) when dealing with chemicals of any kind

Its smells (can’t blame it, it’s still a chemical anyways ) but we found it to be smellier than our other picks, it’s not the sickening kind of smell just a sharp scent, and maybe trouble for dogs with an extremely sensitive nose

Though, generally more expensive than our other competitors in this category if you have a large dog of more than 43 pounds though for this price you get fast acting flea relief and easy application – suppose you’re on a budget and don’t mind the few extra hours you may consider PetArmor Plus or Sentry Fiproguard Plus for a monthly flea or tick treatment.

Best Cheap preventive/Monthly Flea And Tick Treatment

PetArmor Plus


PetArmor Plus Review

PetArmor Plus though a bit slower than frontline plus, its still very effective at its monthly job of keep fleas and ticks off your beloved pet


  • Cheaper monthly treatment for large dogs (44 pound above)
  • Doesn’t smell as much as frontline plus


  • Starts killing fleas at about 10 – 12 hours
  • Application leads to spillage

From our review and research we noticed that the main different between PetArmor Plus and Frontline Plus is the time it takes for both to kill of the fleas or ticks  I.e the reaction time, frontline eradicates fleas in 12 hours while PetArmor Plus starts killing with that same time frame, should you dog not require fast relief then this time difference shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you,  but for this  slower reaction you get the same job done with less smell and less dollars. They both use fipronil to kill existing fleas and methoprene   as the insect growth regulator

How to Apply

The application of PetArmor Plus was not a clean process  when compared to Frontline Plus since it had to be cut open leading to spillage on scissors and gloves,

some commonly asked questions and answers giving by fellow users

Sentry Fiproguard Plus

Sentry Fiproguard Plus is like PetArmor twin in terms of reaction time and efficacy but not in price, best to look our for when its on sale


  • Could be cheaper
  • Same smelling category as PetArmor
  • Cons
  • Slower reaction time Not the cleanest application process

Sentry Fiproguard Plus treatment though cheaper than frontline plus but costlier than PetArmor with same active ingredients, its smell is preferred to that of frontline Plus as it’s less chemical-smelling ,with a less disturbing smell, making it suitable for dogs with super sensitive noses

With a spillage causing applicator – after cutting it open, special care would be needed when using Sentry Fiproguard Plus to avoid contact with eyes skin and mouth – a glove does come in handy 

It has  a slower reaction time to our champion Frontline Plus  with a 12 hours start up time, this time delay wont be a deal breaker if you just want a monthly flea preventive treatment and not an immediate relief  from current infestation but should you dog need immediate and monthly flea treatment frontline plus is your go to treatment

The best fast-acting flea treatments for dogs

Best chewable fast acting treatment

Bayer Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs

what we loved about Bayer Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs was the fact that it smell sand looks like your everyday dog treats meaning you don’t have to coerce your dog into eating it, and it does it job within an hour


  • Flea terminator
  • Easy applications


  • A little bit on the pricey side

Bayer Advantus Oral Flea Treatment Soft Chews for Dogs uses an insecticide called imidacloprid to kill fleas on your dog, this insecticide works fast, as we noticed  that the fleas on  dog that were administered this treatment  started deing off only after a few minutes and within an hour we could not spot any more fleas,

They look like your everyday dog treats and even smell the same way too, we couldn’t determine if it tasted the same way but our dog did enjoy eating it  making it our favorite in this category as it was the only oral treatment we didn’t have to coerce our pup into taking

A point to consider is the pricing, it a bit more pricey ($26) than a PetArmor Fast Caps ($13) for large dogs , over 24 pounds , but if your dog is under 24 pounds , its still pricey at $25 where as PetArmor would set you back $20

Here’s our guide to flea treatment and preventive measures for indoors and outdoors 

Best Fast Acting Flea Treatment In Pill Form

PetArmor FastCaps

PetArmor FastCaps are crazy powerful when compared to Bayer Chews, we noticed total flea eradication in around 30 mins sadly  it does come in pill form meaning you really need to know how to coerce your pup


  • Instant flea infestation relief
  • Cheapest option if you’ve got a large or a small dog


  • Really  hard to make your dog take a pill

PetArmor FastCaps contains an insecticide called nitenpyram which is its active ingredients and kills fleas in 30 minutes from our review only Sentry Capguard contains this ingredient PetArmor is also the cheapest option for a larger dog while providing instant relief from flea infestation

We experienced a little difficulty administering PetArmor because it comes in pill form, from experience we all know that dogs generally are very reluctant to take medications, you’ll need some special skill or treats to get dogs o take meds, how we administered ours was to embed it in our dogs treat, should your dog be smart enough to differentiate the meds from his food then Bayer soft Chews which looks and smells like dog treats in a better option for you

Sentry Capguard

Sentry Capguard works similar to PetArmor FastCaps, but exist on the pricey lane so when they’re are on a promo remains the smartest time to scoop one up


  • Instant flea relief
  • If gotten when on a sale, may be cheaper


  • Hard to administer

Sentry Capguard uses the same active ingredient as PetArmor FastCaps and deliver he same treatment in 30 mins but its pricey and not easy to administer, in terms of administration then Bayer soft chews wins that battle,

In summary here is a table to help you decide in which flea treatment to use  for you pup

Treatment Best for Starting price Reaction time Prevention period
Frontline Plus Monthly treatment with rapid relief $33 4 hours 1 month
PetArmor Plus Cheap monthly treatment $19 12 hours 1 month
Fiproguard Plus
Monthly treatment $27 12 hours 1 month
Soft Chews
Chewable fast-acting treatment $25 1 hour No prevention
PetArmor Fast Caps Fast-acting treatment in pill form $13 30 minutes No prevention
Fast-acting treatment $22 30 minutes No prevention

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